Maimakterion Offertory / Petitionary Ritual—CANCELLED

ETA: Due to excessive wind this Sunday morning, and zero RSVPs, the event is cancelled. See you in a month or two!

Join us at Silver Lake Park in Dover, Delaware on 20 November 2016 at 1:00 pm for a ritual making offerings to Hestia, Athena, Zeus, and Ares and asking Their blessings and protection on the USA’s most vulnerable people in the aftermath of an election that has so many of those vulnerable people—including many members of assorted minority religions—thoroughly frightened. A potluck feast will follow.

We will try to get Pavilion 1, near the playground. However, we are not expecting large enough turnout to justify attempting to reserve the pavilion, so depending on whether anyone else has reserved that pavilion, we may find ourselves at one of the picnic tables.

If you are attending, please:
1) RSVP to delmarvanikephoros at gmail dot com, noting how many people are coming and what if any dietary restrictions the attendees have, and if any of the attendees can’t tolerate incense.
2) bring something to offer to at least one of these four Gods: perhaps something to pour out in libation, a poem or hymn to recite, or a piece of art you made in Their honor.
3) bring a few words of prayer to one of these four Gods.
4) bring food to share, conscious of dietary restrictions.

See you there!


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