Hekate’s Deipnon

Hekate’s Deipnon of Maimakterion is today. The dark of the moon is the time of month when one settles accounts, pays debts, cleans house, and otherwise tends to things one does not wish to carry into the month about to begin. In that manner, one can start the new month with a clean slate.

Hekate is one of the Gods often found at household shrines, such as this one:

image description below

Here you see one of Alexeigynaix’s pantry shelves. Below is visible a second pantry shelf, with the tops of various stored foodstuffs. From left to right on the shrine shelf:

A mason-jar decoration stickered with blue and gold music notes, reading “you are my sunshine”, for Apollon Horios, Apollon of the boundaries. (There is visible overlap with other of Apollon’s realms!)

A brown owl standing on the letters ΑΘΕ; Athena Glaukopis, Athena bright-eyed, is perhaps not a traditional guardian of the household, but Alex found they could not set up this shrine without Her.

A mason jar, a kathiskos, to sort of represent Zeus Ktesios, Zeus of the household, for Whom it is an offering: it contains olive oil and honey, rice and chocolate, clear water and floating chunks of apple.

An electric tealight candle, lit, for Hestia Poluolbos, Hestia of the many blessings.

Two small blocks; the rightmost of the pair, with its blue face reading “spirit” turned to the front, for Hermes Eriounês, Hermes giver of good fortune. (The block, being cubical, is probably not properly a herm in any sense; it isn’t tall enough!) The leftmost of the pair, with its red face reading “Cheers” turned to the front, is mostly there to hold up—

A silver pendant, depicting Hekate Trioditis, Hekate of the crossroads. The pendant is better viewed below:

image description above

Hekate is also Hekate Phôsphoros: She brings the light. Perhaps this role of Hers is why the dark of the moon is the time to clean up one’s act before the new month begins—before the first sliver of silver crescent is visible in the evening sky. What will Her light illuminate, that you might rather were dealt with and done?

What does your household shrine look like? How do you honor Hekate at month’s end?


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