March 19 Ritual to Athena

A Hellenic polytheist ritual to Athena, conducted by Alexeigynaix of Delmarva Nikephoros Proto-Demos of Hellenion.

Homeric Hymns 24, 28, and 29, tr. Athanassakis
“Athena, flint-eyed daughter” hymn by Hearthstone
“Villanelle to Athena Eruma” prayer by Alexeigynaix
“The Wrath of Athena for a Worker Shortchanged” hymn by Alexeigynaix
Homeric Oracle, tr. A. T. Murray (and Samuel Butler), with thanks to Hans Betz

Music: Light Patterns by morgantj (c) copyright 2009 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.


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