Ritual to the Muses and Friends of the Muses

Delmarva Nikephoros Proto-Demos of Hellenion offertory and petitionary ritual to the Olympian and Titan Muses and to various other Theoi with an interest in the arts, performed by Alexeigynaix.

Art credits:

Divine image: “Nine Muses” by Emily Balivet

Meditation music: “Adagio teru” by rocavaco ft. teru (c) 2009 CC-BY 3.0

Music during rite: “Mysterium” by Doxent Zsigmond ft. Mr_Yesterday CC-BY 3.0

Closing music: “Postal workers canceling stamps at the University of Ghana post office”

Homeric Hymns tr. Apostolos Athanassakis:
“Hestia, you who tend the sacred dwelling”: Homeric Hymn 24 to Hestia
“Let me begin with the Muses”: Homeric Hymn 25 to the Muses and Apollon
“Sing, O clear-voiced Muse, of Hephaistos”: Homeric Hymn 20 to Hephaistos

From Hymns from the Temple by Lykeia:
“Goddess of the red lace veil”: “Hymn to Hestia”

From Devotion by Hearthstone:
“Shining Athena, swift aegis-bearer”
“Aphrodite, glory of Olympos”
“Zeus, greatest among Olympos’ mighty”

From In Praise of Olympus by Hearthstone:
“Zeus of the prophets”: excerpted from “Zeus of the lightning-strike”
“Euterpe, giver of delight”, “Thalia, joyous goddess”, “Melpomene, you sing of our sorrows”, and “Terpsichore, graceful one”: excerpted from “To the Muses”

From Laureate by Mari Shahrizai:
“Come, Muses, into our homes and workshops”: “Prayer to the Mousai”
“Roses bloom at your touch”: “Prayer to Erato”
“Your voice is a temple”: “Hymn to Polymnia”

From Glories by Mari Shahrizai:
“O lovely-haired songstress”: “Kleio”
“O shining Muse who charts the skies”: “Ourania”
“O Muse who sings of heroes and their deeds”: “Kalliope”

Unpublished works by Alexeigynaix:
“Her sandaled feet strike stony paths”: “Athena of Practice, Memory, and Song”
“Mnêmosynê, Greatest Teacher”
“O Olympian Muses Nine, I ask for inspiration”
“Mnêmosynê, You are an oracle”


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